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DLuisa Consulting...

We offer consultation sessions on key business areas for entrepreneurs and business-people wanting to step up, to discover a way to get things done. Select from our products offered, any which closely align with your needs. If unsure you can select our 'Out-Side D Box' which is tailored towards general business queries and questions!

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Why Choose Us?

We want you to create your wealth, to generate sustainable income. Money does not grow on trees, but we can help you commercialize your business venture/ opportunity/ idea, so you can grow your own money!

This is no get rich quick way to build your legacy, and create work for yourself, community and country... the world needs ENTREPRENEURS to build our economies. Our mission is to help as many businesses get started, and stay for the long haul!  

Game Changer...

It's no longer business as usual. We need to make new rules and set our goals to adapt with our present times - redo your normal, until you are satisfied with the returns!

About Us


Business Opportunity Creator/Fixer

We want to help you start, commercialize and grow your business. From that great business idea, to the heart of your customer, we are here to listen, advise, coach, mentor, and be your online support on the entrepreneurial business journey. 

Let's help you identify your markets, customers, opportunities and fix any challenges along the way!

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